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Achieving a beautiful skin in 2022 to 2023 by Glenda Gerena

The goal of every client we serve is to get a great experience, service and training and. see magnificent result... but like everything in life the esthetician can't achieve that goal if is not synchronize with the client and vs. For Leegerem is important that the client take after care at home of the skin and body to be able to see 100% results.

For that reason, we created the PLAN... The plan for each client will be different and customize for each client needs, having in mind the type of skin, conditions and the time that the client can spend taking care of the skin.

If your goal is to have a great skin start with this simple PLAN.

  1. Drink water base on your weight. Example: If your weight is 150 pounds divided in 2 and that will give you 75 pounds then divide 75 in the amount of onces your existing bottle of water has. Example my water bottle is 16 oz. Divide 75/16 and that will give you the number of bottles of 16oz you will need to actually take in this case it will be 4.68 bottles of water (almost 5 bottles) , don't take more and don't take less. And your skin and body will see the changes and few weeks. One you learn that drinking water hydrate the internal organs and the external tissue and cells you will start seen a more glowed skin and a better texture.

  2. Don't used so many products, limited your routine of beauty to the basic steps and don't use excess of products, the excess will cloth the pore and not let your skin enjoy the benefits of each product.

  3. Limit your time of sun or protect the skin even in an office light setting, to avoid photodamage that is created by lights and sun.

  4. Don't use chemical peels if you don't need them, how to know if you need a chemical peel, if your skin is damage by hyperpigmentation, acne scars or any blemish, probably you will need a light peel first and then increase every 30 days to a higher percent of peel.

  5. P: Plan your routine and adapted to your own needs, if you are a mom of 2,3,4, or plus kids evaluate what time you need to make a simple wash of the skin, tone the skin and moisturized twice the day.

  6. L: Live without stress, even that it looks easy is not. Stress levels can actually change the Ph of your skin and activate hormonal changes that will end damaging the skin, stress is the number one free radical that creates skin to aging effects.

  7. A: Analize your steps for skin routine and your needs, analyze what you eat, drink and search how each component of food may or may not affect or benefit your skin. That will help the skin getting better once you stop eating not healthy food.

  8. N: Never say no to a nice vacation, facial, workout or romantic evening with your significant other or friend and family. The brain needs to feel relax and supported to be able to achieve an overall good result.

  9. Plan your beauty routine with an expert in skin conditions and diseases, that way you will have a better idea of what the skin needs and how to use every single product.

  10. Don't overpay for brands that have a great marketing, buy knowing why that ingredients are good or bad for your skin. Expensive products are not the best for all skin types. Read and Analize before spending. And PLEASE take at least 30 days to try the products you buy. You can see benefits if you don't used them or try them for 30 days.

I hope these little tips help you understanding the PLAN you need, for more info about your type of skin make an appointment with us for a skin consultation and we will be able to explain the routine that fits better your needs and concerns.

See you soon in our next blog view...

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